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The Irish Orchid Society was founded to help make orchids part of mainstream horticulture. Orchids are for everyone!


We want to dispel the myth that they are difficult plants. Some are but many are not.


We also want to educate in aspects of their science, evolution and conservation.





Orchid tour in Thailand

Next March enjoy a friendly group holiday with similar minded enthusiasts and discover: The orchids of Thailand
March 11th – 26th 2017
The tour is timed to coincide with the main flowering season of the wild orchids in Thailand and revolves around taking treks into the jungle to see the orchids in their natural wild habitat when many of them will be in flower. View more information

Japan Grand Prix International Orchid Festival 2017

Tokyo Dome, Japan

Schedule 2017:
Set up: February 8 and 9
Judging, Opening Ceremony: February 10
Open to Public: February 11-17
Application closing date: September 16 2016

View Information

View the Festival Guide

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