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Pleione Hybrid Vesuvius
Pleione Hybrid vesuvius

Did you know...

The orchid genus Pleione was named after the a sea nymph who married the god Atlas according to Greek mythology.


(pronounced plye-OH-nee)

Pleione is a genus endemic to the foothills of the Himalayas spreading eastwards across China to Taiwan. They are deciduous perennials which are usually spring-flowering and most of which are easy to grow, making them an ideal beginner’s orchid. Some species are ground growing (terrestrial) while others prefer living on moss-laden tree branches (epiphytic).

The beautiful flowers last for about three weeks and are sometimes fragrant. Species and hybrids come in a variety of flower colours including reds, purples, pinks, yellows, peaches, creams and whites. The flower lips, which are often “hairy”, are usually intricately spotted red or yellow.

Ideally they should have a growing mix of fine bark and perlite with a good quantity of moss if available.


Cool.Night temperatures of between 10° and 12°C with a daytime rise of about 10°C.



Pleione Growing Cycle


Spring (March – May)

Summer (May – October)

Autumn (October – November)